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BauBau is the synthesis of a cross section of Claire’s passions and interests. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Architecture after completing her bachelor’s last May at Northeastern University, where she also acquired a minor in Technological Entrepreneurship. BauBau emerged as an idea while she was studying in Berlin and working on a “baugruppen” building; this project required making a home for a diverse neighborhood of people consisting of young German families, the elderly and alone, Syrian refugees, and local students. In working towards fostering these connections through architecture, Claire realized the potential for cooperative housing in America, especially her home city of Boston, and how it can be used as an alternative model for equitable housing. What began as a research project oriented around peer-to-peer network building and social justice soon merged with her experience in entrepreneurship, and she began seeing how these two worlds could blend together. This manifested in her working with Northeastern University’s venture accelerator, where she won a competition and boot camp, giving her enough funding and feedback to inspire her towards taking this project to the next stage.

Claire has worked as a designer at multiple architecture and design firms. As a transgender woman, she is passionate about issues of social justice and has applied this design perspective into projects like SkipStone, a user-generated accessibility map for people with disabilities, and BetterBlocks, an open-source CAD file repository for expanded experimentation on accessible spaces in buildings.

When not working on this, you might find her fulfilling her other passions for DJ’ing, flower arranging, or enjoying craft beer.